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Haqqani Wazifa

21 Jun

Internationally famous, the great reformer of the current days, Hazrat Sufi Mufti Maulana Ajangachi (Rahamatullah Alaihi) proclaimed the Haqqani Wazifa, which is read by millions of men and women, young and old, in 24 languages daily 5 times with 5 time Salat (prayer). It take only one and half minute to recite. Any one from any mozhab (sect) or from any silsila (principle) can practice (amal) this Wazifa. If you already practice any other wazifa, you don’t need to leave that, you can recite this Haqqani Wazifa with other wazifa. And by doing this you will not dishonor your own Peer or Wazifa. Take only the Halal Rizk (i.e. free from interest and other prohibited matter), and recite regularly, certainly you will have a holy dream from Allah Shubhanahu, and your heart will be enlighted by the truth. By reciting this wazifa, you will get all-around of peace, bliss and happiness.  You will be able to get welfare on physically, mentally, characteristic, materialistic, economic, earthly and heavenly.  Allah will protect you from all sorts of danger and harm, enemity, malice, jealousy, devilry, black magic, and many kinds of disease, debt, interest, and all kind of prohibited work. After practice few days, you can get the fruit.  It is a Quranic Wazifa and approved by Allah, his Rasool (phuh) and other saints of Islam.


Read Surah Fatiha (Alhamdu to Amen) with Aaujubillah and Bishmillah – one time, Surah Ekhlash (kul hu allahu ahad) with Bishmillah – three times, Surah Falaq with Bishmillah – one time, Surah Nas with Bishmillah – one time, Haqqani Darood Sharif at least three times. Doa & Monazat in 6 sentences. And at the end Haqqani Darood Sharif at least one time you must read.

Surah Fatiha

[1] In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
[2] All praise is for Allah, the ‘Lord’ of the Worlds.
[3] The Compassionate, the Merciful.
[4] Master of the Day of Judgment.
[5] O’ Allah! You Alone we worship and You Alone we call on for help.
[6] O’Allah! Guide us to The Right Way.
[7] The Way of those whom You have favored; not of those who have earned Your wrath, or of those who have lost The Way.

Surah Ekhlash

[1] In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
[2] Say: He is Allah the One and Only;
[3] Allah is the Self-Sufficient (independent of all, while all are dependent on Him);
[4] He begets not, nor is He begotten; And
[5] There is none comparable to Him.

Surah Falaq

[1] In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
[2] Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn
[3] from the mischief of all that He has created
[4] and from the mischief of darkness when it overspreads
[5] from the mischief of those who blow on knots (black magic)
[6] and from the mischief of the envier when he envies.

Surah Nas

[1] In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
[2] Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the mankind,
[3] the King of mankind,
[4] the real God of mankind,[3] from the mischief of the slinking whisperers (Satan and his workers)
[5] who whisper into the hearts of people,
[6] from among the jinn or from the mankind.


“Allahuma Salley wa Sallem wa Barek Ala Abdikar Rasulil Karim Rahmatallil Alamin Shafial Mujnebin Saiyedena Moulana Nabiena Mohammedwn wa Ala Alehi Wa Ahley Baitehi Wa Auladihi Wa Zurriatihi Wa Ajwajihi Wa Ashabihi Wa Auliaehi Wa Ummatihi Ajmain, Kama sallaita Wa Sallamta Wa Barakta Wa Rahemta Ala Saiyedena Ibrahima Wa Alay Saiyedena Ibrahima Innaka Hamidum Majeed”.

(Oh Lord give your blessings, mercy and peace upon your messenger and servant, the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) who is the mercy and blessing of the Universe, pleader for the sinner, our commander and leader. And upon his generation, descendant, relatives, family, friends, company and followers as much as you gave your blessing, mercy and peace to our commander and leader, the prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (al.) and his generation and descendant. Certainly you are the Great and most admirable.)

Doa and Monazat in 6 sentences.

  1.  ‘Oh Lord increase your blessings (Rahmat) upon the whole creations (tamam Alam) till the day of Judgment’. (By praying in this way all throughout the life, mankind and even also with animals, a relation of heart develops. Mercy grows up among the ferocious animals, and the heart becomes mere liberal. When you pray “Oh my Lord increase your blessings on all your creation till the Judgment Day”, in reply; all the creations (living & material world) are praying for you!!!)
  2. ‘Oh Lord increase your blessings (Rahmat) upon Hazrat Maulana Azangacchi Sufi Mufti Saheb till the day of Judgment’. (On praying by saying this, the people of the world may not be physically present nearby but they always get His blessings and luckily to be under His guidance and able to rectify themselves soon).
  3. ‘Oh Lord increase your blessings (Rahmat) upon Ale Farooqi (all the followers of Hazrat Umar ibn al-Khattāb al-Farooq Radi-Allahu-Anhu.)
  4.  and upon the Azangachhi Farooqi centre till the day of Judgment’. (Saying this, a prayer is made to get the blessings of all the Saints of Al-Farooq generation and of all the followers of them.
  5. ‘Oh Lord increase your blessings upon me till the day of Judgment’. (While saying this, one should try to recognize his/her own face. By saying this, ends all mistakes of his/her heart, reduces the tortures of desires and passions, mind becomes purified, conscience becomes stronger, heart becomes enlighted, stained spots of body and mind removes itself, increase the power and ability to do good deeds and keeps away from bad motives. Gradually one will learn the deep secret and hidden knowledge of religion (Elam-e-Marefat, Elam-e-Laduni) and at the end he/she will know the Almighty God).
  6. ‘Oh Lord increase your blessings (Rahmat) upon those, who recite, recited, and will recite this Haqqani Wazifa till the day of Judgment’. (By reciting this Monazat, each one gets the Doa of others, You are praying for millions of people across the globe who is presently reciting this wazifa, who had recited i.e. may be dead and will recite i.e. may be not even born yet. Similarly you will also get the benefit from the prayer of millions of people across the globe. Especially if anyone’s Doa (prayer) is accepted to the God, then all others will have the benefits and advantage of that. And this way, after your death when your family member will forget you, every body in this world will forget you, this Haqqani Wazifa will not forget you, daily every moment you will get the doa of millions of people from across the globe till the day of Judgment).

After this Doa, you may recite other Doas as you wish, and you certainly get success.

After Monazat, recite Haqqani Darood Sarif at least once, this will take your Monazat to the Almighty God and it will be accepted (Tirmiji and Tibrani). Doa is the substance of Ibadat (Tirmiji). Hazrat Rasool (pbuh) said “Regular practice may be it is little, is dearer to the God” (Hadis – Muslim). Success of works depends on its fruits (Hadis – Muslim).

Benefits and Advantages:

Recite Surah Fatiha one time and you will get the Sowab (virtue) as much as equivalent to reciting 20 chapters (para) of the Holy Quran. It’s called the Great Holy Quran, which have 7 verses and you should recite it over and over again. (“We have given you seven verses that are worthy of recitation over and over again” – 15:86)

Hazrat Najib-ud-din Kobra (rah.) wrote in his book ‘Khajinatul Kobra’ that, who recites this Surah Fariha as an optional prayer (Nafal Ibadat), he will get the Sowab (virtue) as much as equivalent to recite 114 verses of the Holy Quran and he will also get the Sowab (virtue) as much as equivalent to recite 99 names of Allah (the God). Hazrat Kutub-ud-din Bakhtiar Kaki (rah.) wrote in his book ‘Dalilul Arefin’ that, Hazrat Khawaza Moinudiin Chiti (rah.) said, who recites this Surah Fatiha regularly, he will never be deviated, unlucky, dishonored and perished.  And on the Day of Judgment (Quamat), he would be honored and rewarded. He also said that, there are 124 alphabets in the Surah Fatiha, who recites this Surah Fatiha regularly as an optional prayer (Nafl Ibadat), he will get the virtue from this prayer as much as of the combined Ibadats (prayer) of 124 thousands Prophets. Hazrat Imam Phakharuddin Raji (rah.) wrot in the book ‘Tafsir-e-Kabir’ that, who recites the Surah Fatiha regularly, in his every work, he will always show love, mercy and justice to all and Allah (the God) will give him the capability to pray and also give him general and special guidance to him.

The virtue (Jilli Sowab) achieved by reading the Surah Qul-hu-Allah (Ekhlash) three times is equivalent to a complete reading of the Holy Quran (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim). The sins of a person are forgiven except those what he had done wrong against the individual creature (because in this case, only that particular individual has the right to forgive you) (Tirmiji). One is guided against to become a hypocrite (Munafek) (Hadis – Arbine), and he will be a claimer of the Heaven (Tirmiji).

One is protected from black magic and other earthly losses by reciting Surah Falaq, and from the clutches  of Shaitan (Satan) by reciting Surah Nas (Hadis – Arbine). Those who regularly recite Surah Falaq and Nas will be able to get as much as of the combined blessings & virtue (Sowab) like who recites the Holy Quran and all other Devine books (the Torah, the Bible etc.) the other prophets got (Note: Tafsir-e-Raji and Bayejabi).

The regular reciter of these three Surah; Surah Ekhlash, Falaq, and Nas will be saved from any short of earthly losses, adversity and harm (Bukhari and Aabu Daud).

A total of 416 alphabets are read in these 4 Surahs, 10 nekis (virtue) are allocated for each alphabet. So every time for 416 alphabets, 4160 Nekis (virtue) are gained (Tirmiji).

Haqqani Wazifa is a Quranic Wazifa, reading the Holy Quran is the greatest prayer (Ibadat), it will plead for you in the Day of Judgment (Quamat) (Hadis –Muslim). After Farz Ibadat (compulsory prayer) it is better to recite the Holy Quran than reciting the other Zikr (remembrance of the God) (Tirmiji).

‘Haqqani Darood Sarif’ is the substance and magnet of all other prevailing Darood Sarif. By reciting this, one can get the benefit and advantage (Fajilat and Barkat) of all other Darood Sarif. By reciting it 3 times, you get 30 Rahmat (blessings), your 30 sins are forgiven, and you are honored by 30 times more (Nasaee). You will be able to get the pleading of Hazrat Rasool (phuh) (Tibrani). The common words of other Darood sarif are in it and those are the prevailing words of the Holy Quran.  There are a similarity of ‘Haqqani Darood Sarif’ and the Darood Sarif which Hazrat Hasan Basri (rah.) recited. The words ‘Alehi; Ahley Baitehi; Auladihi; Zurriatihi; Ajwajihi; Ashabihi; Auliaehi; Ummatihi; Ahmain’, are in His Darood Sarif. He used to say, “If you want to drink the water of ‘Hauz-e-Kaosar’ you should recite this Darood Sarif”. So one gets the similar benefits from reciting the ‘Haqqani Darood Sarif’.

The first part of the ‘Haqqani Darood Sarif’ is the parts and words of the Holy Quran. The second part is the part of Hazrat Hasan Basri’s Darood Sarif as above. And the third part is the part of Darood-e-Ibrahim. So Haqqani Darood Sarif is a complete Darood and prayer.

This Haqqani Wazifa is a very simple Quaranic Wazifa, and it’s take only 2-3 minute to recite. Eat Halal and Sacred (free from interest, gamble, bribe etc.) foods, establish this practice (Haqqani Wazifa) after or before five time prayer (Salat) with your family member (if possible altogether) regularly, this will bring the peace and prosperity in your family life, and solve all your problems (earthly and heavenly). This wazifa will guide and protect you and your family from any devastation in all your life, and increase the consciousness of religion easily. When your life is in danger or in any kind of serious problem, start to recite Haqqani Darood Sarif immediately and again and again, you will escape the situation miraculously.   This is proved by the millions of followers of this Haqqani Wazifa across the globe.

(Note: If you recite Haqqani Wazifa regularly with 5 times salat (prayer), after few days you will certainly see a holy dream, and you yourself will come to know the truthness of this wazifa, But it is advisable that, you should not tell the details of that holy dream to any body, and you should do an extra two rakait Nafal Salat (optional prayer) and  recite a Doa or Monazat to Almighty God, and if you wish, you can contact to the present Khalifa of Hazrat Maulana Ajangachhi (ra.) of Haqqani Anjuman for the explanation of the dream and Doa for Mughfirat at the address given below.)

5 (five) practice to success:

1. Establish Salat (prayer) 5 times regularly in appropriate time and with out fail (Kaza)*

2. Recite Haqqani Wazifa & Haqqani Darood Sarif with 5 times Salat regularly

3. Eat Halal and Sacred foods (free of income from interest, gamble, bribe, trade of alcohol, hoarding, etc.)

4. Do Parhezgari (austerities) as much as possible, do not very tough or over practice

5. Spread this Quaranic Haqqani Wazifa to your friend, family and others

(*Hazrat Maulana Ajangachhi Sufi Mufti (ra.) said, no body should fail (Kaza) the five time salat. If you are unable to perform the Salat (prayer) in time due to some obvious problem (travelling or in any emergency duty), perform the Salat (prayer) in sign at proper time (i.e. not Kaza). and latter when you get the time, you should perform the salat as per rule once again and then this salat will be considered as a salat in time. For this purpose, you should always keep a piece of clay cake in your pocket or purse for Tayammum).

Central Office:

Fakiri Huzra Mubarak

18, Bagmari Road, (Maniktala)

Kolkata -700054, West Bengal, India.

Haqqani Masjid,
25, Market Street,
Calcutta (Kolkata) – 700087,
West Bengal, India.
Tel : 91-33-2265 7046

For MORE DETAILS please visit the The official Website oF Haqqani Anjuman…….


Disclaimer: This is not the official Web site of Haqqani Anjuman, it is my personal effort only, so if there are any thing wrong or mistake, all the responsibility is of mine and I seek forgiveness from all, if you find out any mistake, please bring to my knowledge and I will be very thankful to you, thank you  – Sheikh Abdul Murad, Kolkata.


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